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highest quality cpanel reseller hosting


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super fast dell raid-10 servers


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  network performance
  solusvm control panel
  off site backups









r1soft backup

super fast dell raid-10 servers


  free r1soft agent
  free install/setup
  low resource impacting
  easy to use control panel
  off site storage
  vps/dedicated server plans
  single file restore







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hosting 101
Shared Hosting   VPS Hosting
Shared hosting is the most typical type of account that most websites run on. It offers a full featured account that allows full control of your email accounts as well as databases. This is the type of account that you would upload your website files to and it starts working. The knowledge level necessary to operate a shared hosting account is minimal. Shared hosting is not intended for heavy traffic websites. It is best with very low traffic to moderate traffic websites.  This type of hosting is called shared because it will share resources with many other customers on the same physical server.

What is SSD shared hosting?

SSD or "solid state drive" is the same as our shared hosting accounts but it runs on "solid state hard drives". SSD or solid state hard drives offer much faster response times throughout the hosting account. Websites typically will run much faster on SSD hosting accounts than your normal shared hosting account. 
  VPS hosting or virtual private server hosting is a type of hosting that lives between a shared hosting account and dedicated server hosting.  VPS hosting is the process of taking a physical server and breaking it up by smaller chunks called containers or VPS.  

VPS are used for many purposes but its most common uses is for websites that have outgrown shared hosting.  It is very appealing to customers that need a custom hosting environment since shared hosting is limited to what works for all the accounts on the server.

UNMANAGED VPS hosting: Customers will manage their own server.
FULLY MANAGED VPS:  Fully managed means that the host will manage the server this typically includes installation of the operating system, securing the server and installing all the modules necessary to host websites.
Reseller Hosting   Dedicated Server Hosting
Reseller hosting is a type of hosting account where customers can create other shared hosting accounts. This type of hosting account is typically used for smaller companies that offer shared hosting but do not have the need or resources for their own server.

Reseller accounts offer customers all the features and tools necessary to create a custom or white label environment to offer their own services.  There is no extra fees involved for additional software and features that are common in a reseller account. 
  Dedicated server hosting is the process of renting a physical machine from us.  Customers that have out grown shared hosting then move to VPS once they have out grown a VPS then they move to hosting on a dedicated server. 

Dedicated servers offer much higher performance then VPS hosting but hey do cost significantly more then a VPS does. 

The biggest benefit with a dedicated server is there is no resource sharing and you typically get more CPU power more RAM and much more Hard drive space then a VPS can offer. 
It was unbeliveable to me that having a web site was so easy thanks to Kevin. There are few people who really have your best interest in mind instead of theirs but Kevin does. It's so nice doing business with local people also. Thanks again Kevin! Connie Kendall
Ron & Connie Kendall Pueblo Pet Paradise
We have done business with Bzybhosting and they have GREAT customer service as well as GREAT hosting. In the unlikely event of a problem, there is always someone there to help with the situation. They can accommodate the most complex websites that we create for customers, as well as a simple small business website.
Joe Miklich Advanced Computers
I am new to all this - met Kevin as a customer at first. He helped me get my website adventure started. I am still working on this project. Kevin is a great help. He keeps me informed on getting my site better. He has been on top of it since day one. I am a one-man shop so I am usually too busy to call but he calls me to ask how things are going. I would recommend him to anyone whether they are first starting out as I am or have had "website hell" in the past! Thanks, Kevin for all your help - Chris Ground C&S Computer Repair & Sales
Chris Ground C & S computers
Getting traffic is not an easy task on the internet. But Bzybhosting is a great company for building business websites, Kevin has been extremely courteous and a pleasure to work with, thanks again Kevin
Charles Zoorob Pueblo Auto Sales
We had a web site but it was costing us allot and Kevin at www.bzybhosting.com has been so help ful and he has saved us a ton of money I highly recommend going with www.bzybhosting.com if you are serious about quality hosting and low costs. Thanks
Carolyn Stowe Owner Pueblo Koa