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New Bee Hosting Plan
$4.97 USD Monthly
New Bee Hosting Plan
25 GB Disk Space

Super Bee Hosting Plan
$6.97 USD Monthly
Super Bee Hosting Plan
30 GB Disk Space

Queen Bee Hosting Plan
$8.97 USD Monthly
This is our Queen Bee Hosting plan it comes with unlimited sites hosted, domain and sub domains, it also comes with 55 GB HDD space and unmetered traffic. This plans is great for a professional company that expects traffic and email service for your company!

Killer Bee Hosting Plan
$16.97 USD Monthly
Killer Bee Hosting
45 GB Disk Space


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The information here is intended to make your check out process much smoother and less stressful. 

If you need assistance, not sure what do to or where to go next visit us on live chat, we are here to answer any questions you may have.

30 day money back guarantee

We offer a 30 day no questions asked money back guarantee!
What is a "Hostname"

A host name will be the name of your server. It should be a fully qualified domain for example server.mydomain.com. 

Your server needs a fully qualified domain so that it may communicate with the internet and send receive email. 
What is a NS1 Prefix:
NS1 is a commonly used term referring to Name Server number #1. Name servers are a tool the internet uses to make an IP address or location of your website so that it can be read by humans. With out name servers your website would be just a number. 

For fully managed servers and shared reseller hosting accounts there must be at a least two name serves. If you do not know your what to do here no worries we we get you taken care of later.
What is a Root Password
The root password is the main user on your server that has the most permissions. This password will be the password that you will use to login to your server to manage it.
What is a Available Addons
Addons are features and software licenses commonly used in the hosting world. They are provided here during the check out process to streamline the setup of your new hosting account. 
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