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We have done business with Bzybhosting and they have GREAT customer service as well as GREAT hosting. In the unlikely event of a problem, there is always someone there to help with the situation. They can accommodate the most complex websites that we create for customers, as well as a simple small business website.
Joe Miklich Advanced Computers
I am new to all this - met Kevin as a customer at first. He helped me get my website adventure started. I am still working on this project. Kevin is a great help. He keeps me informed on getting my site better. He has been on top of it since day one. I am a one-man shop so I am usually too busy to call but he calls me to ask how things are going. I would recommend him to anyone whether they are first starting out as I am or have had "website hell" in the past! Thanks, Kevin for all your help - Chris Ground C&S Computer Repair & Sales
Chris Ground C & S computers
We needed help on our web presence, our web site was lacking and our search engine results were non existent with the other top Go.....web Hosting site, we were not getting out there, so we hired BzyBHosting. Now that has really changed. They made it easy, they give you lots of choices and give you great insight. Mr Kevin Lengele is a bzyb. He really is devoted to helping make your site what you want. Every web hosting business needs people just like that. We are very satisfied. Thank you BzyBHosting.
Kenneth Whitt Whitt transfer and storage
I started my website in 2003 as a hobby and have been through a few web hosts. As with any business, the most important aspect is customer service. Many web hosting companies get too big and the first to go is the customer service. A friend recommended me to Kevin at Buzy Bee Hosting and I am extremely pleased I made the switch. I'm not an expert at computers or web design, but Kevin took the extra time and effort to explain technical matters in a manner I would understand, provide great service at a very reasonable cost, and offer advice that is above and beyond what most would do. I highly recommend Buzy Bee and wish Kevin the best with his company.
Vince DePersio The PAVE Cave
Years ago I started out with register. com then to yahoo. com, but once I started working with Kevin I moved all my accounts to bzybhosting.com
Scott Jacobson Denver East KOA
I really like bzbyhosting. They moved my entire site from hostmonster for free (10 GB site, 8 Mysql databases, and 4 jooomla installations). At first I was going to go with paid movers but my site was so large the amount would turn out to 800. But bzbyhosting came on in and moved it free on a sunday night. No downtime what so ever. I have even had a great traffic increase since being on bzybhosting. I recommend this host.Especially if you have a host that you do not like. Bzybhosting will answer the call at 2am.
Roderic Wells wellsroderick.org
I went ahead and ordered service with Buzy Bee Hosting and quickly discovered the main difference with them from my old provider...The page load speeds are top notch for my many CMS based sites which can take their time sometimes as they are larger than average. I had a mini problem with my server which I shot off a support ticket and was pleasantly surprised to learn that indeed, they take their customer service VERY seriously. Within an hour, I had a very knowledgeable answer. And then to top off the issue, after I had resolved it, they followed up to make sure things were good. If you are considering using Buzy Bee Hosting for any of your services, put them to the test. You will not be disappointed!
Keith Nelson http://icsoregon.com
I just wanted to say what a great experience I've had with Buzy Bee hosting. I've been a customer for two years now and I have an un-managed VPS server that is super fast and the price is incredible. My previous host was slow and had a lot of down time. With Buzy Bee I actually get a human being every time I call and the customer service is smart and helpful. I've been saving hundreds of dollars per year with Buzy Bee and get 10 times the service I had before I switched. I am now working on my brother to dump Network Solutions and switch to Buzy Bee he is getting majorly ripped off by Network Solutions. I also noticed immediately how fast Buzy Bee's internet connection is I can't believe how fast it blows the competition away. Thanks!
Matt Pierce Colorado Realty Experts
Here is my quick review: I have been using Buzy Bee Hosting for over a year and half. Over all this time my Queen Bee server was quite stable, in fact there was only one short outage that I recall and I was notified about it prior to noticing it! (Annual uptime is 99.9%+) Support is also very good, like everyone else, I had a few problems and questions during initial setup and bzybee support went extra mile to solve many of my queries. Now however everything runs smoothly and I hardly ever contact bzyb support. There is only one problem that I am still not sure how to solve: my webserver had stopped and needed a restart about four times in the past year for whatever reason. I have not figured it out why this is happening but it is probably related to my applications/server setup. Anyways, the last but not least is price. I initially selected this hosting company because of a very good hosting speed at a competitive price ratio. I would certainly recommend Buzy Bee to startups and already established businesses.
I've been web designing for a decade and through the years i've used a lot of different hosting companies, never really finding one that completely worked for me.. either slow networks, terrible customer service or cheap unsecure servers. So this last time when deciding that i need a better host, i did my research in-depth before I made my decision and that lead me to Buzy Bee. Every single thing I read online about Buzy Bee was positive so I figured I would see for myself. I signed up for one of their managed VPS plans and so far I've been with them for almost a month now and what I have to say is their support team has been very prompt in resolving any of my technical issues as well as being very informative. I would recommend Buzy Bee to anybody looking for a hosting provider with solid support and services for a reasonable price!
Tim Reagle wehoco.com

Best Dedicated Servers


dedicated server overview

Our fully dedicated servers are hand built for each order and fully 
tested before delivery. We use only the latest Supermicro enterprise
mother boards, Intel Xeon E3 CPU's Crucial DDR3 1600 mhz ECC RAM
and Samsund SSD drives.  

fully managed dedicated servers

Our fully managed dedicated servers are designed to out perform
the competition by running your operating system on pure SSD
drives and storing your hosting 
accounts on large SATA drives.
This gives you performance 
and storage.

IPMI remote management 

IPMI is the latest in server remote management for our servers. It give the
 user the ability to manage their server as if they were  physically at the
 data center. Remote reboots and operating system re install can be controlled
via the IPMI interface.

setup time

Dedicated server setup time ranges from 12 to 48 hours. We do
what we can to deploy your server in a reasonable amount of time,
usually less than 12 hours.

Dedicated Server Addons

colorado springs website hosting

cPanel/WHM is the industry leading hosting control panel for Linux based hosting platforms. It is an all in one hosting control panel. 
NOTE: cPanel/WHM is included in any managed dedicated servers plan. 

denver virtual servers Softaculous is the leading Auto Installer having 315 great scripts, 1115 PHP Classes. Softaculous is widely used in the Web Hosting industry and it has helped millions of users install applications by one click of a button. 
NOTE: Softaculous comes free with any managed dedicated servers plan
Installatron is the most advanced installer available. It has hundreds of the most popular scripts including Word Press, WHMCS, Joomla and much more.  It empowers the client and gives them more control over their website. Features like website cloning, to any location including other hosting accounts and backup and restore of your Installtron installation. 
denver dedicated web hosting We also use CloudLinux because it is the the most advance operating system availably for hosting websites. It give us the ability to offer each customer guaranteed system resources to run their websites. The result of this is a more stable hosting platform and 100% uptime availability. 
managed virtual servers in denver R1Soft is the industry leader in cPanel backup solutions. Each hosting account has a R1Soft link to their website backups.  It offers you that ability to restore the entire website or just a single file. 
colorado hosting Parallels Plesk is available with our Windows server 2008, and Windows Server 2012 Dedicated servers as optional control panel.
colorado website hosting WHMCS is the most popular billing suite for hosting companies. It is widely used around the world. 
Add eccommerce security to any of our fully managed Dedicated servers for only $49.99/mo. Includes PCI secured server and regualar PCI scans from comodo a $2000/year value. 
We offer both Linux and Windows operating systesm for our unmanaged and managed dedicaeted servers.

Unmanaged Dedicated Server Plans

Note: Discounts codes are automaticity applied during check out!

Plan CPU ECC RAM HD Option 1 HD Option 2 Bandwidth Ip Address Price Order
New Bee E3-1220 3.1 GHZ 8 GB 500 GB SATA 128 GB SSD 100 Mbps Unmetered 5 Usable $89.97
Super Bee E3-1230 3.3 GHZ 16 GB 2x500 GB SATA 2x128 GB SSD 100 Mbps Unmetered 5 Usable $109.97
Queen Bee E3-1245 3.4 GHZ 24 GB 2x1 TB SATA 250 GB SSD 100 Mbps Unmetered 5 Usable $129.97
Killer Bee E3-1245 3.4 GHZ 32 GB 2x2 TB SATA 2x250 GB SSD 100 Mbps Unmetered 5 Usable $149.97

Fully Managed Dedicated Servers Plans

Note: Discounts codes are automaticity applied during check out!

Plan CPU ECC RAM Primary HDD Secondary HDD Bandwidth Ip Address Price Order
New Bee E3-1220 3.1 GHZ 8 GB 128 GB SSD 250 GB SATA 100 Mbps Unmetered 5 Usable $129.97
Super Bee E3-1230 3.3 GHZ 16 GB 128 GB SSD 500 GB SATA 100 Mbps Unmetered 5 Usable $149.97
Queen Bee E3-1245 3.4 GHZ 24 GB 250 GB SSD 1 TB SATA 100 Mbps Unmetered 5 Usable $159.97
Killer Bee E3-1245 3.4 GHZ 32 GB 250 GB SSD 2 TB SATA 100 Mbps Unmetered 5 Usable $189.97

  disk options  CPU options


1 x 500 GB Baracuda

2 x 500 GB Baracuda

1 x 1 TB Baracuda

2 x 1 TB Baracuda

1 x 2 TB Baraduda 

2 x 2 TB Baracuda

1 x 250 GB SSD drive

1 x 500 GB SSD drive

4 x 256 GB SSD

4 x 500 GB SSD

RAID options

RAID .0, 1, 5, 10

NOTE: Servers can have up to 3 3.5 inch drives maximum or 4 ssd drives. 

Xeon 1220 3.1 GHZ Quad core Turbo 3.4 GHZ

Xeon 1230 3.3 GHZ Quad core Turbo 3.7 GHZ

Xeon 1245 3.4 GHZ Quad core Turbo 3.8 GHZ

 RAM options

 8 GB DDR3 ECC 1600 MHZ
16 GB DDR3 ECC 1600 

32 GB DDR3 ECC 1600 MHZ


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off your dedicated server for life!

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When signing up use promo code "save-15-life" to received our 15% off for life .


save 10%
off your managed
dedicated server for life!

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Our uptime guarantee offers a credit to the account holder if our 99.9% guaranteed uptime is not reached. This is based on a monthly payment schedule! If after a 30 day period your uptime is proven to not be within our 99.9% guarantee the account holder can submit a support ticket with appropriate documentation proving that the guarantee was not met. We will review the documentation and if there is sufficient proof we did not meet our guarantee then the account will be credited the appropriate SLA credit. Please allow a minimum of 15 days to process the SLA credit.

NOTE: Downtime due to scheduled maintenance or short notice maintenance or for reason out of our control this agreement is null and voided. Down time caused by issues created by the client also voids this guarantee. 

  uptime guarantee sla credit  
  99.9% uptime guaranteed  
  99.8% uptime 5%  
  99.7% uptime 10%  
  99.6% uptime 15%  
  99.5% uptime 20%  
  99.4% uptime 25%  
  99.3% uptime 30%  
  99.2% uptime 35%  
  99.1% uptime 40%  
  99.0% uptime 45%  
  less than 99% 100%  

network performance info


Colorado Springs ip = 

Los Angeles test ip =


test file =  10 mb down load test file

test file =  100 mb down load test file


unmanaged vps hosting

unmanaged support

fully managed support

  Unmanaged servers are intended for advanced users. They are not meant for
inexperienced users.  Support is limited to hardware issues, networking issues,
and template issues. Software installation is not included with unmanaged servers.
Fully managed servers are intended for the inexperienced users or users that do not
have the desire to managed a server on their own. Full management includes server
installation configuration, as well as securing the server and performance enhancements.