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100% uptime and 99.9% less spam, viruses, phishing emails STOPPED


Buzy Bee Hosting LLC XD Business Email servers is designed for the small to medium businesses with around 10 to 30 employees. Our business email offers many critical features for your business. We offer 99.9% spam, virus, phishing email filtering. These emails all have the ability to cripple your organizations daily functions as well as data loss and theft of data.  So we can help by identifying these threats and removing them before they hit your employees computers.  


Order our XD Busines Email Services 

    Inital plan is $50/mo plus $49 one time setup fee    



 Plans start out at $50/mo. Then it is $10/mo per email account
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NOTE: Once your order is approved you will be contacted for specific email account and domain settings for your new email services. Average approval time is one business week. 
Included with your order:

Company Dedicated IP address

FREE company domain SSL certificate for SSL, TLS connections

High availability email hosting with failover clustering!

High availability hosting is the process of removing any single point of failure.  Failover clustering does this by removing the single server point of failure and adding in multiple servers with failover detection. Once one server fails the next will take over reducing downtime even furthure

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100% uptime

We understand the importance of the availability of your email services. Ever effort has gone into making sure that your services will be available 24/7 365. 

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Server hardware

We use the latest technology in server hardware and server virtualization to make sure no matter the size of your business we can handle the volume of your email. 


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Active Smart Spam, Virus, Phishing emails blocking

Our XD email services uses the latest technology from Smartertools to block 99.9% of the Spam, Viruses , Phishing emails that enter your network. These emails are incredibly dangerous to your business and employee's. Blocking them before they enter your network will protect your busienss from and epic distater. 

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Seamlessly sync your email, contacts, calendars, notes and tasks anywhere! SmarterMail supports a variety of synchronization protocols, including the industry's premier technology, Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync, which allows for instant, native synchronization using push technology. Never miss another email, appointment, or due date!