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r1soft overview


R1Soft from Idera offers the only Continuous Data Protection solution for Linux
and Windows Server backups. Idera is a solution that enables disk-based
data protection, Linux disaster recovery,
and Bare-Metal Restore for servers and workstations running
Linux and Windows systems. The software is the first high
performance backup and restore product for MySQL and the only
software to offer True Granular Restore™ for MySQL.

R1Soft CDP Solution is a server software application that enables
disk-based data protection and disaster recovery for linux servers
and workstations running Microsoft Windows and Linux operating
systems. CDP Server protects disk volume data using replication
and synchronization over the network storing point-in-time snap
shots in disk-based storage. 
R1Soft Continuous Data Protection solution is a near-Continuous
Backups system capable of providing hundreds of recovery points
per day scheduled as little as 5 or 10 minutes apart. 
CDP Server works by reading your hard disk volumes at the sector
level, bypassing the file system for the ultimate in performance
and recovery. This disk sector synchronization is performed while
the server is online and provides no interruption to other I/O
requests even on a busy server. By reading the disk at the lowest
possible level point-in-time recovery images contain your files and
all the formatting, partition tables, and volume configuration
needed for complete and instant disaster recovery. 


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High-Performance CDP Backup


Say goodbye to the nightly backup window. Complete one initial replica then let Idera CDP's asynchronous Linux/Windows Server replication take over. Schedule Linux/Windows Server backups as frequent as every 15 minutes.


Industrial Strength Disk Safe


Idera CDP 3.0 Disk Safe® technology is industrial strength disk storage for your backup and archiving. Archive up to 64TB of recovery points per disk. Atomic disk writes protect data from crashes and power loss.


Bare-Metal Restore (BMR)


Completely Restores the File System and Allocated Blocks. This is best when restoring all or most of a disk's (file system's) files and is typically much faster than file-by-file restore for large numbers of files. It has fastest restore method on some Virtualization Platforms and reduced steps for Server Disaster Recovery which can be done from CD ISO or PXE Network Boot


Powerful File Excludes


You can browse and select files and folders that you want excluded from Windows backup replicas in your Data Protection Policy. You can also add advanced exclude rules using simple patterns (example: C:\*.log).


Multi-Point Replication



On-site/off-site backups. Redundant on-site backups. Second copy of selected Disk Safe(s). Agent is not impacted by the redundant backup. Affordable - One additional CDP Agent per CDP Enterprise Server.



New CDP 3 Web Interface


The new CDP 3.0 Web-based interface is full-featured and easy-to-use for remote management of your Windows Server backups. In addition to the policy management and reporting you can browse, download, and restore files from your recovery points using an Explorer-style interface. Easily manage recovery points and Disk Safes using bulk edits, and see the detailed progress of replication and restore jobs as they run.


Efficient Block-Level Delta Storage


Virtual full Windows backups mean that until unique disk blocks change or are no longer used, they are stored only one time in your Windows Server backup storage, even across thousands of recovery points. There is no real limit to the number of recovery points you can archive and the Disk Safe automatically retains only the deltas you need for your data retention policy.


Faster Compression


CDP 3.0 has options for QuickLZ and industry-standard Zip (zlib). QuickLZ compression is bench-marked as the fastest general purpose compression in the world. Data is compressed at the block-level and only stored once until it changes or is no longer needed. Typical compression ratios are 2:1.


Faster Restores


CDP 3.0 Bare-Metal restore is significantly faster than BMR for CDP 2.0. The new async I/O method of Bare-Metal Restore uses new performance capabilities in Windows 2008 R2 and Linux 2.6.


Portable Backup Storage


Disk Safes are fully portable. Open, close and copy Disk Safes across servers. Your backups go wherever you need them to. Move your Disk Safe to a new location, open it with another CDP installation, take it with you, even copy it to a USB drive and put it in the car.

R1Soft CDP VPS Backup Plans

 Free Agent Installation/Setup        Easy Control Panel       Daily Incremental Backups

Plan  CDP Agent License Type Base HDD Price per month Order

R1Soft CDP for Dedicated Servers

 Free Agent Installation/Setup       Easy Control Panel       Daily Incremental Backups

Plan  CDP Agent License Type Base HDD Price per month Order
CDP60 FREE Dedicated 60GB
CDP80 FREE Dedicated 80GB
CDP110 FREE Dedicated 110GB
CDP230 FREE Dedicated 230GB
CDP530 FREE Dedicated 530GB
CDP1000 FREE Dedicated 1TB