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r1soft backup

super fast dell raid-10 servers


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  single file restore








Buzy  Bee Hosting website design includes a CMS  "content management system"  Joomla website design, database installation and template design and Photoshop for your header.  Our basic website has a front page, about us page and a location page no more than 2 other pages. That is 5 pages total and anything above the basic design will be charged at $49.99 per hour. The 5 pages are negotiable for example if you do not need a location page you can replace it with different content. But the max for consideration of a basic design is the 5 total pages.  

Note: Business Logo Design with Photoshop is extra! Billed at $49.99/hr  Normal "average" charge is $150.00 depending on the complexity of the design. 


getting started

Once the design is agreed upon and we have a good Idea of the sites concept and outline we will send the customer an invoice or put an invoice in your account with the agreed upon information. Once you pay the invoice we consider that an agreement on the design.  After the building process is completed and you are not happy and would like to change items, colors, location that was not agreed upon on an already functional and acceptable to the general public website a fee of $49.99 per hour will be charged for the none agreed upon changes. The charge will be applied to your account!

You the customer will provide all content we do not write content for your business or website or provide pictures/graphics! No maintenance  is included in the price of the build of your website. If you want regular maintenance purchase the maintenance plan below! Although Joomla is fairly easy for a beginner to maintain we will not provide instruction on how to maintain your website, after the build is completed.  It is the customers responsibility to purchase a maintenance plan that is commencement to the needs of the customer. 



When a customer purchases a website build they are paying for our time and talent, not for the rights to the site. Also there must be a cut of point after we build the website. There are always things you can add to your site so please do not expect us to work for free. After the website is completed you will have one chance to make final changes and only one chance to make changes after that it will be considered excessive and a maintenance plan will be required to purchase. So it is very important that you plan out the type of content that you want and put together a comprehensive plan for the final update. 

NOTE:  All websites will require a plan for maintenance either our Silver plan or our Gold plan depending on the type of website. For example a car dealer ship will need a Gold plan and a pet store website will need a Silver plan. It really depends on the rotation of content.

Note: Customer do not own any of Buzy Bee Hosting creative content ie graphics,themes,images or plugins licensed to Buzy Bee Hosting. Plugins licensed to Buzy Bee Hosting may be critical to the functionality of the site and therefore the site can never be removed from our servers' at any time for any reason without our explicit permission. At all times the the site will be branded with a link and image to www.bzybhosting.com. If it is the intent to move the site off our server and out of Buzy Bee Hosting control, a fee will be negotiated before the site is released at a minimum. 

         $799.00 website build
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video editing & adding videos to your website.

Video editing is not part of the build of the websites original cost. This must be factored in before the build starts. The client needs to figure out how many videos they want on their site and what form the videos are in at the moment. Like is the video already edited and ready to upload to the server or is it in the raw form and in need of editing. We will charge $49.99 per hour of video editing, this includes the edited video, upload and placement on the website.  For videos already edited then there will be a charge of $19.95 per video uploaded and placed on the clients new website.

regular monthly website maintenance

gold website maintenance plan

Our website installation does not include monthly updates, maintenance or installation of security updates. You will have to purchase this plan if you need us to maintain your website. It includes updates on photos and articles created by you. We will upload the new content and install it. We will also include regular backups to make sure you have updated copy of your website. This will also include fixing broken images, errors, nonperformance issues, website current trends updates and unforeseen issues that cannot be predicted!
The monthly update plan is for minor website maintenance and upkeep to keep the website current. We will update site content; phone number changes, employee photos and fix any errors. Any errors caused by misuses will not be covered by this plan. For example if you login to your websites admin area and damage an article, this will not be covered and you will be charged $49.00 per hour at a minimum of one hour to repair the website.  

Website Security!  Also check out

This also includes regular Virus Scans, Malware Scans, Hack Prevention. We will also work on securing your website because this is a constant battle. We will also fix holes found and repair damaged websites, and restore lost content. This feature of this product is critical to preventing data loss and losing valuable search engine ranking, and business.
This does not include major site development such as “coding, scripting” and layout changes that requires a new template or a"new website". Or anything that requires over one hour monthly. There will be an extra charge for these items, you pay for our time and these items are very time consuming, well over our hourly rate. Please respect these terms as they are not negotiable. 
            $49.00 monthly For websites that require more frequent updates


silver website maintenance plan

This product is recommended if the site does not require regular content updates, it is inteded for minor changes like images or a name address phone number change. This is the basic plan for any site purchased at Buzy Bee Hosting. This plan does not include security updates virus scans or anti hack protection. 


$29.00 monthly For websites that require Less frequent update

Note: This does not include major site development “coding, scripting” and layout changes that requires a new template or a "new website".

one time website content updates

This is for the website owner that does not regularly have us update their website. We had to add this because if a website is regularly maintained then the updates will be less involved. This products includes a one time website update. It will update Joomla to the most recent patch, also this will include content update and minor changes major changes, this will be an additional charge.
$169.99 one time fee click to order


website google ranking "SEO"

This product is our search engine optimization, it is not the same as the Joomla optimization for search engines. This product is only for the websites hosted on our servers!!. This will include a daily monitoring of your website with Google Web Master tools. With regular reports on "search engine queries"  that your website is being found buy. Also regular reports on key words listed and recommendations on relevant content update to strengthen your key words also meta data/description updates.

We still do not write content for your website but will make recommendations on content to strengthen the target key works. These key word targets must be realistic, example if you own a hosting company and want to be listed for web hosting on the first page this is not realistic but getting listed for ("localtownsname" web hosting") is more realistic. for example, we are #1 for pueblo web hosting and on the first page for Colorado Springs web hosting.


Depending on how long a campaign you want to shoot for and what key words you want to get listed for and how far up the Google later you want to go will determine the price! As Google ranking and search engine key words is an on going battle.  You may be listed one day day on the first page for a certain key word but then lose the slot to another website the next day.

No body can guarantee where your website get listed or how high it gets ranked it depends on a lot of dynamics. But you can be certain that keeping track of how your website is performing and getting regular recommendations will improve your ranking and traffic, thus improving how much organic business your website will receive.

We also use the Alexa site audit this fantastic product will scan your website and it will give you a very clear estimate of how optimized your website is. Visit the Alexa site audit web page for more info.  http://www.alexa.com/siteaudit This fine tool starts at $199.99, It is highly unlikely that you will find a less expensive tool with this detailed of results.

       $799.99  starting click to order