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about us

Buzy Bee Hosting, LLC has been in business since Feb, of 2010. We pride ourselves on our team’s unique ability to provide a quality service and support system that all customers expect from us. We have built a large customer portfolio which includes several businesses that rely on our shared hosting and our virtual servers for their daily data and hosting needs.

We also offer a wide range of hosting products to include domains names, SSL certificates, security products and marketing tools and many other hosting products are also available.

We pride ourselves on offering our customers top quality service and reliability.  We continually strive to provide our customers the tools necessary to create a healthy strong reliable hosting environment for your web site or company.  

We strive to give our customers quality service at a very competitive price with the latest server hardware and software technologies.


Colorado Springs, CO

Our servers are located in Colorado Springs, Colorado where it is rated 3rd in the US for best location for a data center.  With our Colorado Springs location we can support central Colorado including Denver Colorado hosting needs for dedicated, VPS and Shared Hosting. 

Los Angeles, CA

We have recently opened a new location in Los Angeles, Ca. We are collocated within Cyberverse datacenter on 1 Wilshire Boulevard.



network switches

Buzy Bee Hosting, LLC network has been designed to accommodate clients who demand the highest quality network performance at each of Data102 Hosting data centers. Our systems leverages their blended IP network consisting of multi-gigabit connections through diverse transit providers. Featuring Data102 own dedicated fiber, copper and coax connections, our cross-connect services are second to none.





network features

guaranteed Reliable Uptime 99.9% Uptime
our Servers Handle Your Toughest Workloads
N + 1 cooling and power
redundant network with multiple tier 1 carriers
advanced fire protection and environmental monitoring
110V, 208V, 48V power
UPS and generator backup
24x7x365 emergency support
secure facilities


data center

Each of Data102's datacenters is designed to accommodate the ever changing needs of today’s collocation market. They understand that power, cooling and connectivity must seamlessly integrate with expert technical support and outstanding customer service to provide a reliable and consistent relationship.


Data102 operates two enterprise datacenters in Colorado Springs, COS01 and COS02. Both datacenters are located in the Alamo building, part of the Plaza of the Rockies in the downtown business district.



data center features

N+1 Cooling and Power
redundant Network with Multiple Tier 1 Carriers
advanced Fire Protection
environmental Monitoring
UPS and Generator Backup
secure Facilities 
video surveillance
key Card Access
locking Server Cabinets
redundant Server Firewall's 
air Conditioning
100% Redundant 
free cooling
remote controlled


servers and equipment

Buzy Bee Hosting, LLC works very hard to bring our customers the best equipment. We keep the most modern Dell Servers with the latest VPS technology on the best network and switches we can buy.  We use only the best Intel Xeon CPUs with 15K SAS and SSD drives in raid 10 configuration for redundancy. 

We own all our servers we do not rent or lease servers from any company.  We do this because we believe that this method is the best practice to support a durable hosting environment that provides years of reliable uptime. 


unmanaged virtual private servers